Frequently Asked Questions

At B&D Repair LLC in Sturgis, MI, we know how much of a hassle it is to have vehicle-related concerns. For your convenience, we provide helpful tips on addressing common automobile problems.

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THE CEL/Service Engine Light is on and stays on. Is it okay to keep driving my vehicle?
Your vehicle is giving you the message that something is wrong and all systems are not working correctly. Your vehicle should be diagnosed and repairs completed so that your vehicle is dependable and safe. Ignoring this warning message could cause even more components in your vehicle to fail and the subsequent repair could be more costly.

The CEL/Service Engine Light is flashing. What does it mean-what should I do?
Your vehicle should not be driven when the light is flashing. It is letting you know that some component needs immediate attention and that it may be possible for severe engine/component damage to occur in your vehicle. Your vehicle should be diagnosed and repaired immediately.

The CEL/Service Engine Light was on and it is no longer lit up. Did my vehicle repair itself?
Your vehicle is letting you know that an operating error has occurred. The vehicle has not repaired itself. Your vehicle should be diagnosed and repairs completed.

Why is it important to change the oil on a regular basis? What oil should I use?
Oil is the life blood of your engine. The most economical insurance you can buy for your vehicle is regular scheduled oil and oil filter changes. This practice will lengthen the life of your engine. Your vehicle owner manual will tell you the correct oil for your vehicle.

There is some type of fluid leaking under my vehicle. What should I do?
Take a look at the fluid that has leaked out - what color is it? Red, black, green? The color will be a clue as to where the fluid is leaking from. It could be oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid or anti-freeze. It is important to check your fluid levels on a regular basis, like once a week. If fluid level is low, then your vehicle may have a leak problem. Any leak should be addressed, as the engine needs a correct amount of each fluid to operate properly. If there is low or no oil in the engine, the engine will seize up. If there is low or no anti-freeze, the engine will overheat and could cause major engine damage. The transmission may not shift properly if the fluid level is low.

My vehicle is making a noise that it normally does not make. What should I do?
Noises/vibrations in a vehicle are like pain occurring in the human body- it means that something is wrong. Try to determine what kind of noise it is - grinding, squeak, clunk, rubbing, etc. try to determine where the noise is coming from- the brakes, the front or rear of the vehicle. Any information that you can provide will help to diagnose why the noise is occurring. Proper diagnostics and repairs should be completed to keep your vehicle dependable and safe to operate.

What happens when I bring my vehicle for maintenance or repairs?
We will ask you what your vehicle concerns are and what symptoms you are feeling/observing while operating your vehicle. Then we will inspect the vehicle and perform diagnostics and complete an estimate of repairs needed. At that point, we will contact you and talk with you about diagnostic results and repairs needed. No repair will be completed unless you authorize it.

What should I do if I am not satisfied with my completed vehicle repair?
We strive to repair vehicles so that each and every customer is satisfied. If you have any questions regarding the repairs completed, or are not completely satisfied- please contact us first and give us the opportunity to take care of your questions and/or concerns.

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